Sunday, November 9, 2014

Biography Book Report & Reading Log FREE

Hi there! My daughter who is currently in 2nd grade has been reading an interesting biography on George Washington. This was her first long chapter book (19 chapters!) and we are so proud of her and how much her reading has improved (with the help of incentives as well … hehehe…) So now I have decided to introduce her to the fun world of book reports! (a little sarcasm there)… so again on my online search for different graphic organizers, I found a few that I really liked, so I decided to mix different ideas and adapt it to her level…and viola! Below is her Graphic Organizer Biography Book Report :) We plan on making a Diorama next! Click here for some FREE helpful information and FREE printables at DLTK
I hope you all enjoy!  :) 

Also! I've created two different types of Reading Logs.. I hope no one gets offended that one is pink and one is blue…very gender oriented :) Maybe I will create a green one, as for now…time to get ready for bed!

**Tip** Our reading incentive that we like to use are "tokens"…when my daughter completes the reading list, correctly, I give her 4 tokens and a little "treat". I also give her tokens for other assignments as well…and when she fills up her little jar with tokens, she gets her "prize"…something we agreed upon in advanced…so for example…we agreed for each jar filled, she would receive $5…she wanted the American Girl Doll extremely bad…so we agreed she will work hard for it :) ….and boy did she! lol It took her a couple of months, but she managed to get $60…for her birthday we gave her the remainder…and she went and bought her doll with her own money…I love life lessons like these…one thing I learned though, is that its really hard to tell grandparents "NO"…well its not that hard, but if they are hard headed then yes it is :)

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