Thursday, November 6, 2014

United States Nomenclature Montessori Cards FREE

Hi there!
We have started our 2nd year of CC and our 3rd year of homeschooling! We are now a family of 6 as well lol so life has been very interesting, not a dull moment…and if I ever find myself bored…actually, no, I never find myself bored…but if I ever did…then something might be wrong…anyhows if you see the picture above, i've created nomenclature cards that helps the children associate where in the US the states are… I looked many places for something like this…but only found cards that had each state separate…so here you go! I also included the state capital and abbreviations…. if anyone here knows where cards like this are then please do share! lol It will save me a lot of time in the future…until then, I will slowly be creating more and more for each week. 

**Week 2&3 contains the state matching game…and includes the location of the state capitals…so far we have played it like a memory game, if you make up any other fun ways to play then please share in the comments below! Thanks

Files to download
Cycle 3 Week 1 United States Nomenclature Cards

Cycle 3 Week 2 United States Nomenclature Cards (includes individual state matching game)

Cycle 3 Week 3 (Includes individual state matching game)

***ADDED 11/12/2014**** Cycle 3 Week 4


  1. Will you be adding to complete all 50 states? These are amazing!

    1. Thank you Adriana! Yes I do plan to add more, it takes a while to make each one, so these fast few weeks/months it kind of got pushed down on my "to do" list lol...but I love getting feedback because it helps to motivate me to make more! Are you on the classical conversations official facebook group?