Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cycle 2 Week 4 Geography and Science Worksheet

Hello! Just a quick upload of a worksheet I created for my daughter that I wanted to share! Enjoy and share! Click on the pic or here is the link

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Organizing our library

After a couple of days working on categorizing all of our books! We have finally finished, and our library is complete!

Mind you, all of these books have been accumulated over a few years, many garage sales and daycare closing sales :)

Here is the link for the labels that you see, thank you pre-k pages! I added and combined a few categories so we didn't have to do too many different labels.

Each category has a different color circle and a number. (Yellow green or purple, from staples)...we placed this sticker on each book cover, on the top left cover and covered with clear tape.

Categories that we added or combined:

  • Added: "Character and God". This category contains books that talk about God (obviously, lol) or also talk about things like sharing, not hitting, etc.
  • We combined ALL of the holidays into one category as well.
  • Transportation become "Transportation and Geography"
  • Abc's and numbers were combined
  • Colors and Shapes were combined
  • And bears, zoo, pets were all combined into "Animals"...

And it all fits nicely on this shelf! (the shelf is screwed into the wall)

Calvin hiding while we were busy sorting :)

Our homeschool far

Here is just a quick shot of our homeschooling space, aka our dining room :)

Ahhh....we love the morning sunlight :)

Our language books that are kept in this bin (arms reach) along with my daughters Daily Notebook. 

Our super organized (OCD) library

A day and night shot. The picture frame covers the white board so in the evening (and during showings, because we are selling our home) it doesn't feel too "schooly"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Biomes Nomenclature Cards for FREE :)

I surf the internet day and night for free stuff. I have downloaded so many activities from so many nice bloggers out there, so I have made something I would like to share with you all...well the very few of you all...if any at all? lol (also in case my computer crashes I can always find this file here! lol)

Our family has just joined Classical Conversations and we are super excited to have our daughter start her first grade year with other like minded families.

For our first week memory work I have tried putting together activities that are Classical and Montessori combined. There isn't a whole lot of stuff from the internet that I have found...yet. I could not find a set of Biome nomenclature cards that matched the memory work. I came across two websites that had something similar to what I needed (here and on montessori for everyone ...but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to stay up late and make my here it is, and it is yours to use as well! Enjoy! If you are not sure how to use nomenclature cards, don't worry it is super is a link that explains simply how to teach a three period lesson...and so on, enjoy! (Montessori print shop has a whole bunch of free cards as well!)

Here is a nice and simple video on the background and the directions for giving a three period lesson when introducing new material.

P.S. If there is any typos, SORRY! Let me know and I will fix them :)


Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Time in Illinois

Driving through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois was interesting because before this trip I have only seen them from an airplane. From high up in the air it looks like a whole bunch of organized squares, and I used to wonder what was planted there. After watching many documentaries like King Corn, Cornucopia and Farmageddon, I now know its just two major and corn. 75% of the state is corn and soy...

Some people like to call this "Raw Milk", I would rather call it FRESH milk. It was AWESOME 

Our little munchkin caught her first fish!

This is at the CAT visitors center

Our last supper at our friends home. That yummy roasted chicken was fresh off of an organic farm.

Bass Shop Pro's huge fish tank...

This was a cartoon drawn in the 1950's of what someone invisioned communication would be. Not far from the truth right? 

The LARGEST CAT truck! And my kids practicing their drama skills lol 

My children want to be farmers now :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

15 Hour Road Trip Success

Here are just a few pics of our straight drive from New York to Illinois. The activities were a success and they definitely helped to keep the kids busy! They loved getting "presents" and unwrapping them. :)

We left at 3:20 am and arrived to Illinois at 9:30 pm (with many pit stops and fast food in between). It was beautiful seeing the moon guide our way through the night and then watching the sun rise and set all in one day. You really get a true understanding of the earths beauty.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Road Trip Activities Completed :)

Okay so here are pics of many of the activities that have been prepared. A lot of them were things that I have downloaded (which I probably provided the links to in the previous post). Many items are from my local dollar tree, target and acmoore.

The green Christmas bag is a whole bunch of $1 items that are wrapped up and will be given through out the trip, if they behave. >=)

When I get a chance I will update and provide more information! I have to finish packing now! Good night!

Leave a comment if you have any questions! :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

LONG Road Trip Activities for the Toddler and the 5 year Old

We are embarking on a 14 hour journey from New York to Illinois!
This should be very interesting! I have searched the web for hours for activities to make for the kids to keep them busy! I remember taking trips down to Florida from New York and the main items in my mind that stuck out the most were; frozen yoohoo "chocolate milk", Madlibs, scary stories on audio tapes and our drawing pads. I also remember rarely ever using my seat belt and making the most comfortable bed on top of everyone's luggage in the back of our 1988 toyota camry station wagon, so dangerous. :) Ahh those were the days...too bad for my kids....they are going to be strapped down in a 5 point harness, snuggly fitting three across in the back of our pathfinder.

So to keep them busy I have created and gathered a lot of cool things! They better like it, because if they don't...I will be very sad :(
Below are some links to all of the cool things that I have searched HOURS for.


FILE FOLDER FUN! (this links to an ASL file folder, but there are so many more! for FREE! Awesome!



Many More activities and ideas here @ 123homeschool4me

And to throw a little Montessori in the mix, I downloaded some FREE farm animals and Color sorting nomenclature cards from the Helpful Garden. Thank you!

And don't forget Confessions of a Homeschooler, she has an awesome curriculum of the United States. I plan on printing the states we will be passing through to learn from interesting info and have my 5 year old complete.

Now to make all of this stuff car ready I am getting creative (well sort of) with the items below...

So I will be posting pictures of my creations next!
Leave a comment below if you have any ideas or other links to share or responses...also so I know people are actually reading this stuff! hehe Good night!