Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Time in Illinois

Driving through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois was interesting because before this trip I have only seen them from an airplane. From high up in the air it looks like a whole bunch of organized squares, and I used to wonder what was planted there. After watching many documentaries like King Corn, Cornucopia and Farmageddon, I now know its just two major and corn. 75% of the state is corn and soy...

Some people like to call this "Raw Milk", I would rather call it FRESH milk. It was AWESOME 

Our little munchkin caught her first fish!

This is at the CAT visitors center

Our last supper at our friends home. That yummy roasted chicken was fresh off of an organic farm.

Bass Shop Pro's huge fish tank...

This was a cartoon drawn in the 1950's of what someone invisioned communication would be. Not far from the truth right? 

The LARGEST CAT truck! And my kids practicing their drama skills lol 

My children want to be farmers now :)

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