Thursday, September 5, 2013

Organizing our library

After a couple of days working on categorizing all of our books! We have finally finished, and our library is complete!

Mind you, all of these books have been accumulated over a few years, many garage sales and daycare closing sales :)

Here is the link for the labels that you see, thank you pre-k pages! I added and combined a few categories so we didn't have to do too many different labels.

Each category has a different color circle and a number. (Yellow green or purple, from staples)...we placed this sticker on each book cover, on the top left cover and covered with clear tape.

Categories that we added or combined:

  • Added: "Character and God". This category contains books that talk about God (obviously, lol) or also talk about things like sharing, not hitting, etc.
  • We combined ALL of the holidays into one category as well.
  • Transportation become "Transportation and Geography"
  • Abc's and numbers were combined
  • Colors and Shapes were combined
  • And bears, zoo, pets were all combined into "Animals"...

And it all fits nicely on this shelf! (the shelf is screwed into the wall)

Calvin hiding while we were busy sorting :)

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