Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phonics and a preschooler

A very old version of hooked on phonics was given to us and we have been using it successfully with our 6 year old, so I decided let's teach our 3 year old too! Ha! I am sure he knows more letters then he leads on to know, but doing the letter flash cards along with the tape, over and over became tedious and tiring. I felt like he needed something more tactile while he was listening to the tape to help make it more concrete.

We do have sand paper letters, but they are a bit big and bulky to flip through during the song, so I started to look for sandpaper flash cards. I found some on amazon, but they didn't have great reviews and i didn't feel like I came across this website and she has a very easy way of making cards! Glue and sand! Wow! I love simple and easy! Some things just don't need to be so complicated!

So I made some flash cards in pages, keeping the letters true to the Montessori colors (red for consonants and blue for vowels)

I found some glitter glue and voila!
I used my \ fiskar paper cutter, punched a hole with my hole puncher, and put a ring trough the whole. So simple. :)

So materials needed:
Card stock paper
Hole puncher
Paper cutter
Glitter glue (or glue and glitter, but messy!)
And a ring (1" is probably best)
PDF for flash cards
Website for original idea


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